Capsiplex Customer FAQ

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Dear readers! We receive a lot of comments and emails from people asking different questions about Capsiplex.

Since the comments are coming from different posts on the site, and emails are not seen here, we decided to create a dedicated customer reviews/questions page.

We do post real feedback from people, to show you our unbiased look at the Capsiplex UK, as we really want you to get as much information as possible, including both positive and negative opinions, questions and personal experiences.

We also answer all the questions asked by visitors, so if you have your own question, please send us email or comment on the form below.

Luke: Hi, could you tell me, if is safe, to take capsiplex regulary, and at same time drink aspire ( calorie burning drink ), from holland & barret? Capsiplex burn 278 Kcal, Aspire burn 209 Kcal, after 180 minutes.


Both Capsiplex and Aspire drink contain caffeine. While Capsiplex contains around 200 mg of caffeine per daily dosage, Aspire contains around 75 mg of caffeine per bottle.

If taken both and considering you’re not consuming other caffeine-rich products like coffee – it’s pretty close to the safe dosage of caffeine that can be taken daily.

However, in case you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may face a lot of side effects including insomnia, heart races, and panic attacks. Aspire also contains guarana, which is not really safe substance, so we suggest to not use Capsiplex with such drink as Aspire.

Could you pleas tell me if its safe to us Capsiplex after C-section.I had my c-section 2 months ago and my scar has healed.Will Capsiplex affect my internal healing of the uterus.Please advice.Thankyou


None of the Capsiplex ingredients is known to affect the uterus in a negative way. The capsicum (red pepper) may cause some damage to the stomach mucosa, however the beadlet design of Capsiplex prevents this from happening, so the ingredients get ingested in the intestines.

However, we suggest to consult your GP before you start taking Capsiplex.

Fiona: Hi Jen,

I have just bought Chili Burn from Holland Barrett and notice that the main ingredient is green tea. I was wondering how Capsiplex compares to Chili Burn and how many grams of chilli are in Capsiplex?

I might return the Chili Burn if the Capsiplex has more chilli in it!

Many thanks,



Chili Burn contains 12 mg of chili pepper (capsicum extract) and Capsiplex contains 238,4 mg of Capsicum extract blend with other ingredients. These 2 supplements are based off different formulas, whereas the main ingredient is Capsicum fruit extract.

However, Chili Burn also contains ginger root which is supposed to neutralize the negative effects of chili pepper on your stomach – that means Chili Burn doesn’t provide capsicum intake in a safe form like Capsiplex does.

Chili Burn is not recommended if you have gallstones, stomach ulcers, liver disorders and reflux problems.

Capsiplex may not be good for caffeine sensitive people, but it has a large track of proven success stories which cannot be said about Chili Burn.

Phil: I’m not sure if I agree whether its a scam.

But I bought these tablets from my local Holland and Barrett store, I am a healthy fit 26 year old male. I bought them to get rid of some stubborn fat. followed the instructions as per the bottle and I had done nothing different to any other day, on the day I took the tablets.

I went to the gym and had taken the tablets 45 minutes before a workout as the bottle says. Felt fine after the gym, but then had a panic attack later on. Luckily, the ambulance was to my rescue before I had collapsed!

I telephones Capsiplex and they told me they are not putting going to tell people about what happened to me as they thought, it was irrelevant! This company does not care about the well being of its customers.



Thanks for sharing your experience, this helps people to get more adequate look at the product. The panic attack you regrettably had some time after the gym actually shows that Capsiplex works exactly as it’s supposed to work.

There are at least 2 ingredients in Capsiplex that might be tied to your panic attack –Caffeine (200 mg of caffeine is under the safe daily dosage but not for people with caffeine sensitivity)  and black pepper extract.

Besides that caffeine Anhydrous shows a reduction in the rated perceived exertion/effort during exercise, the Capsiplex blend also causes thermogenic effects, which is in other words a stimulation of your sympathetic nervous system. As a result, sympathetic nervous system might have had a malfunction, hence panic attack.

While the Capsiplex formula works without side effects for majority of people, it’s definitely not a magic pill and may not suit people with caffeine sensitivity and related issues – results vary.

So you might have a sympathetic-adrenal type of panic attack, accompanied with a sense of “blood burning”, increased heart rate and the sense of acute fear. Fortunately, panic attacks are not life-threatening condition, but definitely should be cured.

You can return the unused bottle within the guarantee period for a money-back guarantee. Please address the dedicated customer support here:

Aliix: is it ok to drink alcohol when taking capsiplex?


Team: Since Capsiplex is taken in the morning, it’s OK as long as you don’t drink alcohol simultaneously with taking the pills.

Mairead: 629458 Hello i just finished 3 month course of capsiplex i am gluten intollerant and my irritable bowel and bleeding piles have acted up really badly i have suffered with this condition for many years as i watch my diet i checked with the store i purchased this product when i was buying and they said it would be totally safe to use this product Can you help Mairead


In case you are having such a specific medical condition, we’d kindly suggest consulting with your GP and notifying him/her that you’ve been taking Capsiplex supplement.

Capsiplex should be discontinued 2 weeks prior to the surgery of any kind.

Vijo: can I use Alli (fat binder) while using capsiplex? does capsiplex cause dizyness and higher blood pressure?


Yes you absolutely can use Alli while taking Capsiplex. There are no reported side effects such as dizziness or increased blood pressure, however some people may be caffeine sensitive which may result in such experience. In this case, it’s recommended to stop taking Capsiplex and consult with your GP.

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