Capsiplex Clinical Studies – Results Are Promising

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There is one fat burning supplement today that is called Capsiplex which is used by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Brittney Spears. This has been very effective for them in terms of losing weight, burning fats and maintaining healthy body without getting any bad effects. Is this just being advertised by these people because they are getting paid to do so? There is only one way to prove how a fat burning supplement is effective and safe and it is by having a clinical test and study.

Capsiplex providers conducted a clinical study and showed that capsicum extract is being tolerated really well by consumers which means that it is safe and there is no side effects or any irritation while taking it. The studies also showed that if you are taking this supplement, it will help increase the conversion of your calories into heat instead of turning it to fats and it can also help you lessen your caloric intake.

Capsiplex is the best fat burner for it can also increase or improve the burning of your existing carbs and fats. It proves that this supplement is capable of enhancing thermogenesis, increasing energy expenditure, reducing caloric intake and enhancing calorie burning. In this study, it also shows that the combination of capsiplex’s formula stimulates carbohydrate oxidation and burns fat quick. It has an antioxidant effect and is very effective in reducing oxidative stress. This is proven to be safe because of its natural ingredients only such as capsicum fruit extract, black pepper, caffeine and niacin.

Conduction of clinical study

1st visit – They’ve first checked the subjects’ medical history, weight, vital signs and blood samples for the lab analyses.

2nd and 3rd visit – They’ve let some take capsiplex and some placebo. Took one week washout period between 2nd and 3rd visit as subjects were monitored closely.

4th visit – Important changes were recorded, current weight and vital signs were taken and blood samples too.


It is then proven that people who took Capsiplex had burned 3 percent more calories while doing exercise and 3 times more calories before exercising. It also has been proven that it burns 12 times more calories for not more than an hour after performing an exercise comparing to people who took placebo lasix. The results showed that people who took capsiplex burned 278 more calories compared to placebo, during, before and after exercise.

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